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Gear-Up-Ice-Boxes on sale

Gear Up Ice Boxes

Keeps ice frozen for up to 7 days. 50L. (GUIB50L) 70L. (GUIB70L) ...
50L, Save $61.00
$199.00 each
70L, Save $72.00
$269.00 each
120L, Save $90.00
$339.00 each
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12V-Folding-Solar-Panels on sale

12V Folding Solar Panels

Portable Power at the Campsite Add a 12V battery and with these monocrystal... ZM9174
100W ZM9174, Save $60.00
Now $229.00
120W ZM9176, Save $80.00
Now $259.00
160W ZM9178, Save $90.00
Now $369.00
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Brass-Monkey-Dual-Zone-Portable-FridgeFreezers on sale

Brass Monkey Dual Zone Portable Fridge/Freezers

Up to Half the Price of Brand Names. Keep your food and drinks cold or froz... GH1640
36L GH1640
50L GH1642
60L GH1644
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Rechargeable-USB-LED-Torch-with-Adjustable-Beam on sale

Rechargeable USB LED Torch with Adjustable Beam

500 lumens of bright white light. Slide adjustable beam from wide flood to a nar... ST3490
Save $13.00
2 for $54.80
Only $33.90 each
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Metal-Detectors on sale

Metal Detectors

Ideal for beachcombing and prospecting as well as finding metal objects in obscu... QP2302
Basic Analogue meter QP2302, Save $20.00
Now $79.90
Pro Large LCD QP2307, Save $20.00
Now $189.00
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Multiple-Mount-Super-Bright-LED-Worklight on sale

Multiple Mount Super Bright LED Worklight

Features 2 light settings (200/250 lumens). Fits into a glove box or tool kit. ... ST3250
Only $14.90
12V-Air-Compressors on sale

12V Air Compressors

Excellent air flow and power. Thermal cutout protection, cleanable air filters, ... MC7202
High-Flow 72L/Min MC7202, Save $30.00
Now $129.00
Mega-Flow 180L/Min MC7200, Save $70.00
Now $179.00
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Ultra-Bright-1136-Lumens-Flood-Light on sale

Ultra-Bright 1,136 Lumens Flood Light

Compact but Powerful. 50° wide beam. Shockproof, waterproof and UV shie... SL3931
Save $10.00
2 for $69.80
Only $39.90 each
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Stainless-Steel-Travel-Mug on sale

Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Keep dad’s drinks hot. 450ml. GH1303 GH1303
Just $16.90
Wireless-Weather-Station-with-Outdoor-Sensor on sale

Wireless Weather Station with Outdoor Sensor

Stylish and multifunction with moon phase display, calendar and more. XC036... XC0366
Was $79.90
Save $20.00
Now $59.90
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2600mAh-Metallic-Powerbanks on sale

2600mAh Metallic Powerbanks

Available in space grey and rose gold. MB3793-MB3794 MB3793
Save $10.00
2 for $23.80
Only $16.90 each
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12V-Large-Portable-Stove on sale

12V Large Portable Stove

Perfect for cooking and/or storing food hot on long trips. YS2811 YS2811
Was $69.90
Save $10.00
Now $59.90
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