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ACDC-PWRUP-Vinyl on sale


Available now on Vinyl & CD.
Elvis-Presley-A-Boy-from-Tupelo-The-Sun-Masters-1956-Vinyl on sale

Elvis Presley: A Boy from Tupelo; The Sun Masters ...

Fusing black rhythm’n’blues and white country, the 19-year old truck driver ... 339291
Frank-Sinatra-Songs-for-Swingin-Lovers-1956-Vinyl on sale

Frank Sinatra: Songs for Swingin’ Lovers! (1956)...

In later life he seemed a relic from a distant age but, on records like this, th... 198926
Billie-Holiday-Lady-in-Satin-1958-Vinyl on sale

Billie Holiday: Lady in Satin (1958) Vinyl

The great Holiday wore sadness like a heavy cloak and this album – the last re... 182607
John-Coltrane-Blue-Train-1958-Vinyl on sale

John Coltrane: Blue Train (1958) Vinyl

A jazz genius – among many of his era – Coltrane is perhaps best represented... 271461
Miles-Davis-Porgy-and-Bess-1959-Vinyl on sale

Miles Davis: Porgy and Bess (1959) Vinyl

Davis has so many great albums in so many styles he deserves pages here, but we ...
Prince-1999-Vinyl on sale

Prince: 1999 Vinyl

If you’d rather have the Super Deluxe Edition of Sign O’ The Times (13 LPs a... 374835
Kate-Bush-Hounds-of-Love-the-Sensual-World-the-Red-Shoes-Vinyl on sale

Kate Bush: Hounds of Love, the Sensual World, the ...

Two years ago the complete works of Kate Bush were remastered and packaged up in... 357887
John-Lennon-Gimme-Some-Truth-Vinyl on sale

John Lennon: Gimme Some Truth Vinyl

Much as we are entitled to cynical about this 36-song, four album box set releas... 384720
Tom-Petty-An-American-Treasure-Vinyl on sale

Tom Petty: An American Treasure Vinyl

A career overview across six albums by one of the greatest writers of the rock e... 358233
Joni-Mitchell-Live-at-Canterbury-House-1967-Vinyl on sale

Joni Mitchell: Live at Canterbury House 1967 Vinyl

This three-record set taken from her three-set performance in Ann Arbor, Michiga... 388272
Pink-Floyd-Delicate-Sound-of-Thunder-Vinyl on sale

Pink Floyd: Delicate Sound of Thunder Vinyl

Available now on 3LP, 2CD, Blu-Ray, DVD & Deluxe CD Set.