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Bluetooth-TV-Sound-Bar on sale

Bluetooth® TV Sound Bar

High quality audio for dad’s TV viewing pleasure. Sits perfectly in front of a... XC5231
Was $94.90
Save $15.00
Now $79.90
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Rechargeable-PAParty-Speakers on sale

Rechargeable PA/Party Speakers

Compact, Lightweight and Portable Ideal for dad’s parties, functions or s... CS2495
8” CS2495
12” with Wireless Microphone CS2497
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Portable-CD-Player on sale

Portable CD Player

Dad can revisit his beloved CD collection. Includes earphones, AUX out and anti-... GE4085
Was $74.90
Save $10.00
Now $64.90
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NEW-Turntable-with-CD-Player-FM-Radio-and-USBSD-Encoder on sale

NEW Turntable with CD Player, FM Radio and USB/SD ...

All in One Retro System, Perfect for Music Loving Dads Featuring a high qua... GE4107
Only $289.00
Indoor-TV-Antenna-with-Amplifier on sale

Indoor TV Antenna with Amplifier

Clear signal technology, capable of picking up UHF/VHF and DAB+ radio signals. F... LT3156
Was $49.90
Save $5.00
Now $44.90
Also available: NEW Slimline indoor/outdoor UHF/VHF LT3166
NEW Slimline with signal meter LT3158
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Plug-In-Indoor-Signal-Booster on sale

Plug-In Indoor Signal Booster

Plugs into a mains outlet to boost your TV antenna signals up to 20dB. LT3... LT3285
Only $54.90
Regional-TV-Antenna-Accessories-Bundle on sale

Regional TV Antenna + Accessories Bundle

Bundle includes: • Regional areas 4 element UHF phased array LT3154 • F59... LT3154
Save $55.00
Only $147.60
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Regional-Areas-4-Element-UHF-Phased-Array on sale

Regional Areas 4 Element UHF Phased Array

Ideal for fringe areas where ghosting is a problem, or not in direct line of sig... LT3154
Reg $84.90
Pocket-Size-Radios on sale

Pocket Size Radios

Compact AM/FM/SW radios. Battery powered or rechargeable, world band and more. F... AR1736
Multiband AR1736, Save $5.00
Now $29.90
Rechargeable AR1721, Save $8.00
Now $34.90
PLL World Band AR1733, Save $20.00
Now $79.90
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Portable-LED-Projector-with-HDMI-USB on sale

Portable LED Projector with HDMI & USB

Take Dad's Screen Anywhere. Project on any flat surface while out trav... AP4005
Was $149.00
Save $30.00
Now $119.00
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5-HDMI-touchscreen-with-USB on sale

5” HDMI touchscreen with USB

Designed to connect directly to Raspberry Pi. 800x480 pixels. Resistive touch in... XC9024
Reg $119.00
Compact-World-Band-Radio-with-SSB on sale

Compact World Band Radio with SSB

Dad can listen to the latest news and music from around the world. Features 500 ... AR1780
Was $149.00
Save $30.00
Now $119.00
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