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  • Jaycar Electronics

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Response-Paper-Cone-Woofers on sale

Response Paper Cone Woofers

Excellent for replacement or for new speaker design construction. Produces clean... CW2190
4” 27WRMS CW2190
5” 50WRMS CW2192
6.5” 60WRMS CW2194
8" 90WRMS CW2196
10" 225WRMS CW2198
12" 225WRMS CW2199
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3-15WRMS-Full-Range-Speaker on sale

3" 15WRMS Full Range Speaker

Suitable for use in home theatre, surround speakers, multimedia speakers and por... AS3034
Only $22.90
25mm-Titanium-Dome-Tweeter on sale

25mm Titanium Dome Tweeter

Produces very crisp and clear high frequencies. 50WRMS. 8-Ohms. CT2007 CT2007
Just $24.90