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iPods & Personal Audio on sale in Auckland

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Cassettes-to-Digital-Converter on sale

Cassettes to Digital Converter

Play cassettes and digitise to digital on your USB thumbdrive. Earphones include... GE4102
Was $79.90
Save $10.00
Now $69.90
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Pocket-Size-Radios on sale

Pocket Size Radios

Compact AM/FM/SW radios. Battery powered or rechargeable, world band and more. F... AR1736
Multiband AR1736, Save $5.00
Now $29.90
Rechargeable AR1721, Save $8.00
Now $34.90
PLL World Band AR1733, Save $20.00
Now $79.90
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Compact-World-Band-Radio-with-SSB on sale

Compact World Band Radio with SSB

Dad can listen to the latest news and music from around the world. Features 500 ... AR1780
Was $149.00
Save $30.00
Now $119.00
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