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Flashforge-Adventurer-3 on sale

Flashforge Adventurer 3

3D Printer with Cloud Print Management This is the new generation desktop p... TL4256
Only $999.00
NEW-Flashforge-Finder-Lite-3D-Printer on sale

NEW Flashforge Finder Lite 3D Printer

The easiest of all printers to use, the Finder Lite is supplied fully assembled.... TL4222
Only $629.00
Snapmaker-3-in-1-3D-PrinterCNCLaser-Etcher on sale

Snapmaker 3-in-1 3D Printer/CNC/Laser Etcher

The best fabrication tool for entry level users. 3D print, engrave and laser cut... TL4400
Only $1499.00
Also available*: Enclosure for Snapmaker TL4401
$249.00 AUD
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Desktop-3D-Scanner-V2-with-Software on sale

Desktop 3D Scanner V2 with Software

Watch real life objects become digitized before your eyes. Scans up to 250 x 180... TL4420
Only $1699.00
Creality-Dual-Filament-3D-Printer-CR-X on sale

Creality Dual Filament 3D Printer CR-X

Allows you to combine colours and materials creating high-quality prints. 300 &t... TL4410
Just $1449.00
Also available: Dozens of Filament Colours & Types
From $28.90
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Nano-3D-Printer-for-Kids on sale

Nano 3D Printer for Kids

Completely assembled. Easy quiet operation. Removable magnetic bed. Truck look a... TL4210
Only $339.00
1.75mm-PLA-Filament on sale

1.75mm PLA Filament

The best, most consistent and most tested PLA filament engineered and manufactur... TL4260
600g TL4260 - TL4266
1kg TL4270 - TL4276
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Heat-Resistant-Polyimide-Tape on sale

Heat Resistant Polyimide Tape

Ideal tape for coating 3D printer beds. • Temperatures up to 250° C ... NM2890
6mm x 33m NM2890
16mm x 33m NM2892
24mm x 33m NM2894
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