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Mechpro-Blue-Garage-Creeper on sale

Mechpro Blue Garage Creeper

New to Repco 1015 x 485 x 115mm (LxWxH). 180kg capacity. (MPBC40) A6110497
Intro Price
$39.00 each
Repco-8-Jockey-Wheels on sale

Repco 8" Jockey Wheels

Available in fixed mounting and swing away versions. *RRP (RJW06)
30% off*
From $64.00 each
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Redarc-25A-Dual-Input-DC-DC-Battery-Charger on sale

Redarc 25A Dual Input DC-DC Battery Charger

Charge from both solar and the alternator simultaneously. Suits AGM, gel, standa... A1314437
Save $162.00
$599.00 each
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Redarc-Tow-Pro-Elite-V3-Brake-Controller on sale

Redarc Tow-Pro Elite V3 Brake Controller

Smooth trailer braking response. Electric or electric/hydraulic operation. Main ... A1314981
Save $79.00
$365.00 each
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Projecta-12V-4Amp-Pro-Charge-Battery-Charger on sale

Projecta 12V 4Amp Pro-Charge Battery Charger

*RRP (PC400) A1227199
25% off*, Save $40.00
$119.00 each
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Projecta-12V-8Amp-Pro-Charge-Battery-Charger on sale

Projecta 12V 8Amp Pro-Charge Battery Charger

*RRP (PC800) A1227200
25% off*, Save $55.00
$159.00 each
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Mechpro-Electrical-Terminal-Kit-192-Pc on sale

Mechpro Electrical Terminal Kit 192 Pc

Inc. blade fuses, fork terminals, ring terminals, cable joiners, spades, heat sh... A1231219
Save $24.99
$35.00 kit
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Repco-Assorted-Cable-Ties-1000-Pc on sale

Repco Assorted Cable Ties 1000 Pc

Inc. 2.5 x 100mm (200pc), 3.6 x 140mm (200pc), 4.8 x 200mm (400pc), 4.8 x 300mm ... A1271227
Save $16.99
$39.00 each
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Repco-12V-600W-Modified-Sine-Wave-Inverter on sale

Repco 12V 600W Modified Sine Wave Inverter

Display shows wattage, battery voltage and load draw. 240V power outlet. 2.5Amp ... A1267433
Save $52.00
$200.00 each
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