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Valvoline-XLD-Premium-Engine-Oil on sale

Valvoline XLD Premium Engine Oil

5L. 15W-40, API SL/CF. Quality mineral formulation producing optimum film streng... 293837
25% off, Save $12.50
$37.49 each
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Valvoline-Engine-Armour-Engine-Oil on sale

Valvoline Engine Armour Engine Oil

5L. 5W-30, API SN PLUS/ RC, ILSAC GF-5. Premium quality semi synthetic engine oi... 565263
20% off, Save $14.00
$55.99 each
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These-Nulon-4L-Full-Synthetic-Engine-Oils on sale

These Nulon 4L Full Synthetic Engine Oils

High Performance 10W-40, API SN/CF, ACEA A3/B3, A3/B4 (381157) Long Life ...
High Performance 10W-40, Save $12.40
$49.59 each
Long Life 5W-30, Save $12.60
$50.39 each
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Nulon-Diesel-Guard on sale

Nulon Diesel Guard

Exclusive to Supercheap Auto 1L. Cleans & protects common rail & di... 599038
20% off, Save $10.40
$41.59 each
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Gulf-Western-Top-Dog-Global-Engine-Oil on sale

Gulf Western Top Dog Global Engine Oil

10L. 10W-40, API CJ4/ CI4+/CI4/CH4/SN, ACEA E9/E7-16. Semi Synthetic. Designed f... 545136
20% off, Save $20.00
$79.99 each
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SCA-Mineral-Engine-Oil on sale

SCA Mineral Engine Oil

5L. 20W-50, API SL/CF Formulated to protect your engine from premature wear. ... 599722
Low Price Always
$31.99 each
15-off-These-Nulon-300mL-Additives on sale

15% off* These Nulon 300mL Additives

Not available all stores, check online for your store stock availability. *...
These-Nulon-6L-Concentrate-Anti-FreezeAnti-Boil-Coolants on sale

These Nulon 6L Concentrate Anti- Freeze/Anti Boil ...

Exclusive to Supercheap Auto Green: Provides long service life up to 7 year...
Green, Save $13.60
$54.39 each
Red, Save $15.00
$59.99 each
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Gulf-Western-Absorbent-Powder-Oil-Spill-Kit on sale

Gulf Western Absorbent Powder Oil Spill Kit

Exclusive to Supercheap Auto 10L. Ultra-absorbent powder for clean up of l... 609415
$34.99 kit
SCA-Change-Your-Own-Oil-Filter on sale

SCA Change Your Own Oil & Filter

Purchase a SCA High Performance Diesel 15W-40 10L Engine Oil, SCA Engine Flush 3...
Low Price Always
For just $109.00
SCA-Engine-Oil-Top-Up-Pack on sale

SCA Engine Oil Top Up Pack

This compact storage system can carry a 1L engine oil (sold separately) & co... 602458
Low Price Always
From $10.99 each
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