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    Deck Out Your Ride
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Gulf-Western-Absorbent-Powder-Oil-Spill-Kit on sale

Gulf Western Absorbent Powder Oil Spill Kit

Exclusive to Supercheap Auto 10L. Ultra-absorbent powder for clean up of l... 609415
$34.99 kit
SCA-Change-Your-Own-Oil-Filter on sale

SCA Change Your Own Oil & Filter

Purchase a SCA High Performance Diesel 15W-40 10L Engine Oil, SCA Engine Flush 3...
Low Price Always
For just $109.00
15-off-Selected-Calibre-Spare-Parts on sale

15% off* Selected Calibre Spare Parts

Wide range of parts for your servicing needs. *Regular retail price, store ...
SCA-Engine-Oil-Top-Up-Pack on sale

SCA Engine Oil Top Up Pack

This compact storage system can carry a 1L engine oil (sold separately) & co... 602458
Low Price Always
From $10.99 each
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Ryco-4WD-Service-Kits on sale

Ryco 4WD Service Kits#

Contains filters necessary for your 4WD’s servicing needs. #Not avail...
From $92.99 each
Selected-JB-Weld-Automotive-Adhesives on sale

Selected JB Weld Automotive Adhesives

Easy to use range for those D.I.Y projects.
From $15.99 each
SCA-Change-Your-Own-Coolant on sale

SCA Change Your Own Coolant

Purchase a SCA 5L Green Premix Coolant (591868) SCA 500mL Radiator Flush...
For just $45.00
Bendix-400g-Cleanup-Brake-Parts-Cleaner on sale

Bendix 400g Cleanup Brake & Parts Cleaner

Removes noise producing contaminants. Store stock only, no rain checks. ... 288356
2 for $15.00
20-off-KYB-Shock-Absorbers on sale

20% off* KYB Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers allow your steering, stability, handling, ride comfort & bra...
These-SCA-Spray-Greases on sale

These SCA Spray Greases

Low Price Always
$8.49 each
These-SCA-Additive-Fluids on sale

These SCA Additive Fluids

142958-59, 142962, 591870
Low Price Always
From $10.99 each
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