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    The JB Hi-Fi Guide to Essential Vinyl
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    JB's Got You Covered!
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Adele-21-2011-Vinyl on sale

Adele: 21 (2011) Vinyl

Some think an album being popular means the artist has only delivered an obvious... 172293
Tom-Waits-Bad-as-Me-2011-Vinyl on sale

Tom Waits: Bad as Me (2011) Vinyl

Sometimes, idiosyncratic Tom Waits delivers an album which connects. Mule Variat... 342259
Lorde-Pure-Heroine-2013-Vinyl on sale

Lorde: Pure Heroine (2013) Vinyl

The young woman from Auckland’s North Shore captured the global zeitgeist of k... 258565
Daft-Punk-Random-Access-Memories-2013-Vinyl on sale

Daft Punk: Random Access Memories (2013) Vinyl

Located along the axis of electronica and disco, soulful pop and a touch of prog... 228574
Taylor-Swift-1989-2014-Vinyl on sale

Taylor Swift: 1989 (2014) Vinyl

After the fine Red (her transition from country-pop to pop-rock), this signaled ... 288512